Google Classroom

Google Classroom Directions

Our 1st-6th grade teachers will be transitioning to Google Classroom as their method of assignment delivery over the next few days. Teachers may have sent a handout with their class code in this week’s packet, or they may send the class code in a text or email in a few days. Once you receive your teacher’s CLASS CODE for Google Classroom, follow the directions below to sign up. Google Classroom will allow you to receive assignments and instruction from your teacher as well as submit assignments and post your own questions/comments. 

To use Google Classroom, you need to sign in on your computer and then join classes. When you join a class on one device, you're enrolled in that class on all devices.

FIRST: To join a Google Classroom, it is best to use a GMAIL ADDRESS. If you already have a gmail address, proceed to the second step below. If you don’t have a gmail account, create one for free by going here:

Scroll down to “Get Gmail” and follow directions. (Suggestion: when you create your email, consider using your child’s name for the first name when filling out the personal  information, or maybe the child’s name with your name [EX: GrantCadie as first name] This is not a requirement, but if the email lists your name as the first name, then your name will appear as a student in the teacher’s google classroom.)

SECOND:  Once you have created your gmail account, go to and sign in with your gmail address as the username and your gmail password as your password. 

THIRD: Click the PLUS sign in upper right corner and choose JOIN.  

Join the class with the class code given by your teacher. (Note: You only use the class code once to join the class. You are then enrolled in the class, and you don't need to re-enter the code.)

Check your Google Classroom daily for posts and assignments from your teacher. There is a Classroom app available for iPhone, iPad, Android,etc. You can set the app to give you notifications, so you’ll never miss a post from a teacher. NOTE: It is best, however, to use a computer rather than a mobile device for completing some online Google Classroom assignments!  

If you/your child is in 4th-6th grade, you can join all teachers’ classes! From the Classroom main page, just click the plus in the upper right corner and repeat the process above for each teacher/course.  Each class has a unique code. 


Psalm 91:4-5 says:

"He will cover you with His feathers,

and under His wings, you will find refuge;

His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart".

These words remind us that during these times of uncertainty, we are actually sheltered under His Almighty wings.   We can rest with Him and entrust ourselves to His protection, and pledge our daily devotion to Him.  We will continue to pray that He keeps us safe.

Our nation is in trying times never experienced before.  This has affected the normal system of educating our children at BGS.  I am so thankful for the hard work of our teachers to continue to prepare educational activities for your children, and I am very grateful to our parents for their patience and understanding.  This morning's drive-through pick-up of Pk - 6th assignments went very smoothly! 

Bowling Green School will remain closed the week of March 30th-April 3rd.  

  • The front office will be opened from 8:00-10:00, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  • Please contact Ms. Young if you need anything from the school.
  • Please check your child’s Google Classroom or contact your child’s teacher/s assignment information.
  • We will let you know about the date for Progress Reports. 
  • All athletic events are cancelled…for now. 
  • The Spring Bar-B-Que is postponed.
  • The Washington DC trip has been postponed.
  • All State testing has been canceled for this spring.
  • Students enrolled in the Dual Enrollment classes must complete assignments.  If they are having problems, they should contact their BG teacher.

Even though we are not physically connected with our teachers, students, and parents on a daily basis, we are still the same BGS Family. Trials cannot quench the BUCCANEER SPIRIT.


BGS Parents and Students:

Although BGS is physically out of school in response to MSAIS’s recommendation, our instruction and coursework will continue. Bowling Green School is simply transitioning to an online, homebound mode of instruction.  We certainly pray this mode of operation is very short-term; nonetheless, our faculty and staff members are committed to providing an uninterrupted educational experience for our students while we do our part to follow national and state recommendations for mitigating the spread of COVID-19.  

On Monday morning, our teachers will prepare lessons for the week and deliver content using the methods below.  Students and/or parents will need to come to school to pick up textbooks and workbooks AFTER 11:00 AM Monday.  Please give our teachers time Monday morning to gather all necessary materials for the young students--so come between 11:00 and 2:30.  Contact your child’s teacher if you are unable to come during that time, or arrange for a family member to pick up your child’s learning materials.  

Preschool 3-4: Parents should pick up readers and weekly practice packet from school. Ms. Tamica and Ms. Johnna will message parents with instructions for daily assignments in language and math.  

Kindergarten: Parents should pick up readers and weekly practice packet from school.  Ms Bonnie will continue to use her daily email.  Her email will give specific assignments for language and math that students will complete at home.  

1st - 6th Grade: Parents should pick up textbooks and workbooks from school.  Teachers will post daily assignments in the Student Progress Center.  These assignments can be viewed by clicking the CALENDAR in the SPC.  Click on the designated day and subject to view the assignment for the day.  Any extra handouts, powerpoints, and/or instructional videos will be linked here for easy access.  Teachers will specify how work is to be turned in, and teachers will attach keys(especially for math), so parents/students can check their practice work.  REMEMBER: to access the SPC,  click the link for “Student Progress Center” on All students have usernames and passwords even if a parent has never created an account:  A student’s username is first.last [all lowercase, no spaces-don’t forget the dot]; the password is the student identification number (SID) found at the top of report cards.  If you already have a parent account, you may use that.  

7-12th Grade: Students/Parents should pick up textbooks from school.  Teachers will use Student Progress Center, Google Classroom, and/or Math XL to deliver assignments and instruction.  Students should check BGS email regularly, and log in to the Student Progress Center to check for assignments from teachers who do not have a Google Classroom.  

***All teacher emails are posted on our school website:; please feel free to email them with any questions you have about the assignments.  Faculty members will be holding online office hours during the regular school day and will be constantly checking and responding to student/parent questions through email.

Let’s all work together to ensure that our students have a pleasant, seamless educational experience in this very tumultuous time in our lives.  Again, we hope to be back to normal soon, and we will keep you posted with decisions about weeks that follow.  

B Young